Battle of the BrewsThe Battle of the Brews is Tasmania’s premiere homebrew competition. Held late in the year, it has grown from a mere backyard party to an event not to be missed.

The Battle, as it has come to be known, gives aspiring brewers and novices alike the chance to pit their beers against one another in the beautiful surrounds of the old Tasmanian Brewing co. building, now home to Capt Bligh’s Cidery.

Most homebrew competitions take 4 long-neck beers, place them in front of a panel of esteemed judges and they marvel at colour, IBU’s (international bittering units), head retention and lastly taste. The Battle, unceremoniously turns that routine on it’s head. Instead of four long-necks, the brewers supply up to 3 cartons. Instead of esteemed judges with years of beer gazing under their belts, the Battle has the regular beer drinking public. Most importantly the Battle is all about the taste.

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